What are Preview Status and Transcoding?

What is the Preview Status?

At the tab ‘VR Videos’, there is a table named ‘Preview Status’. 

When you upload a new video, the column will show ‘Transcoding’. When it is done, it will either show: ‘Failed’ or ‘Completed’.

In case it is ‘Transcoding’, you can already publish the video in a playlist but you can not yet create Interactives with it.

Once it shows ‘Completed’, you can now create interactive videos.

If the transcoding process fails, you should send us a message using the bug report form so we can check what is going wrong.

Why is Transcoding necessary?

We transcode your videos to create a smaller version of the file for previewing. This smaller file can be loaded much faster in your browser than the whole 4K or 6K file that you view in your VR device. 

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