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Like reality – just a little better: AR.

Join the pARty! We create high quality Augmented Reality apps that turn your visions into more than reality. Our team has the creative and technical expertise to provide the experience that your company needs.

What industries we work in

Augmented Reality and AR Apps

These are the top three industries connected with AR. Is your industry not aug-mentioned? Don’t worry, we can still help you.


AR in the healthcare sector – does that take things a little to fAR? There many use cases for AR in healthcare that show promise. Make life easier by introducing AR, for patients and workers both.


Augment-education? Discover the future of education – today. Let us show you the opportunities that come from incorporating AR into your educational content. Make teaching and learning fun and reap the benefits.


Marketing is all about selling dreams. Augmented Reality offers the possibility to make dreams come true – literally. Create marketing campaigns that are out of this word  and impress your audience long-term.

a Case study

AR with Buddy

A hospital stay can take a toll on patients – especially on kids. An innovative Dutch hospital took note and wanted to change that. They came up with a mascot called ‘Buddy’, a cute little bird that appears on their digital platform for kids.

To create a more immersive experience for the young patiens (ages 3-9), we launched a Augmented Reality app in which they can interact with Buddy directly. Buddy checks in with them and shares its own feelings to make them feel at ease and as free as a bird.

Bored? No problem, Buddy can play games with you, do tricks and read different stories, fairytales and jokes!

Our happy customers

What customers say

We deliver quality. But don’t take our word for it. 

Veerle Struben

Spaarne Gasthuis Hospital

“Smart VR Lab helped us to implement Virtual and Augmented Reality in Spaarne Gasthuis. With their support we produce and manage our own Virtual Reality content.”

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this is how we work

Our Process



We explore what your needs are and what input you have. We create a budget and calculate the business case.

Output: Concept en budget



We finalize the script, legal matters and plan everything with the actors, technicians and other possible stakeholders.

Output: Script and timeline



We create the AR app, 3D models, record voices and add other input. We design all surrounding artwork.

Output: 1st version



We use your input and feedback to create the final version and optimize all aspects of the app.

Output: Final version



You receive your app in the right format and published on the medium you want.

Output: Published app



We want to make sure everything is working out with the project and inform you about relevant updates in augmented reality.

Output: Recommendations

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Our Services

Whatever you need:
Sometimes a combination proves even more effective.

360 Video

Revolutionize your B2B training and art projects – provide immersive experiences with the help our interactive 360 videos. We provide the creative expertise to bring your ideas to life.

3D Web Apps

We combine the power of 3D and web technology to create unforgettable experiences – that are easily accessible on the internet. Convince yourself of our apptitude.                                  


It’s virtually impossible to understand Virtual Reality? We got you: Learn everything about 360 Video, VR  and its opportunities with our comprehensive workshops and webinars.

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