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Our high-end camera for 360 video shooting

High-end 360 video

In need of a high quality 360 video? Stop looking, Smart VR Lab is here to help. We provide the creative expertise to bring your ideas to life: with high resolution, professional audio and interactive elements that are custommade for you.

The virtual real deal.

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What industries we work in

360 Video Production

We create 360 video experiences for multiple industries. Is your industry not included? Don’t fret, we can still help you.


We care because you care: Healthcare has many use cases for 360 video and Virtual Reality. Both for patients and workers it keeps proving beneficial.


VR training is the future. Enrich your educational content with Virtual Reality from 3rd parties or create your own 360 video content with your students.


Create marketing campaigns that stand out. Measure the behaviour of your target audience and let them influence your interactive storyline.

a Case study

Spaarne Gasthuis

A leading-edge Dutch hospital had the idea to introduce a more efficient way to onboard their staff – with Virtual Reality Training and 360 Video.

The main goal being to save time in the training process, so that workers can spend it on more urgent matters. This is what we ended up doing to successfully reach that goal: together, we created an interactive VR onboarding experience that all new ICU staff has to complete.

Our happy customers

What customers say

We deliver quality. But don’t take our word for it. 

Pieter Voorn

Prof. Dr. Neuroscience

“Smart VR Lab developed a custom 3D brain dissection app for the VUMC. Our collaboration has been very enjoyable. I was impressed by their expertise, efficiency and, especially, their creative and solution-oriented approach.”

Sophie Steengracht

Visual Artist

“Smart VR Lab and I collaborated on four short immersive linear 360 Videos with a soundscape. They were filmed during the four seasons. It was a challenge to capture the videos in many different circumstances. They did great.”

Veerle Struben

Spaarne Gasthuis Hospital

“Smart VR Lab helped us to implement Virtual Reality in Spaarne Gasthuis. With their support we produce and manage our own Virtual Reality content.”

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this is how we work

Our Process



We explore your needs and the input you have. We create a budget and calculate the business case.

Output: Concept en budget



We finalize the script, legal matters and plan everything with the actors, crew and possible stakeholders.

Output: Script and callsheet



We record all audio and video with high-quality gear. Then we edit it and create the first version.

Output: 1st version



We use your input and feedback to create the final version and optimize all audio and colors.

Output: Final version



You receive your production in the right format and published on the medium you want.

Output: Published production



We want to make sure everything is working out with the project and inform you about relevant updates in the VR market.

Output: Recommendations

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Our Services

Whatever you need:
Sometimes a combination proves even more effective.


There are no limits: Turn your visions into more than reality – Augmented Reality. Let us create immersive experiences that are built differently. ARe you ready for it? Then let’s build the future together.

3D Web Apps

We combine the power of 3D and web technology to create unforgettable experiences – that are easily accessible on the internet. Convince yourself of our apptitude.                                               


It’s virtually impossible to understand Virtual Reality ? We got you: Learn everything about 360 Video, VR and its opportunities with our comprehensive workshops and webinars.

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