How to use the Smart VR Lab app

Navigating the Smart VR Lab app

New things can sometimes be a little difficult to get right on the first try. That’s also why knowing how to use the Smart VR Lab app is important. By reading this short article you’ll quickly find out how everything works.

How to navigate the Smart VR Lab App on Oculus

Step 1 – How to select the content

Using the Smart VR Lab app is very easy.  Let’s go through the steps on how you can do this.

Click on a category to view its content.

Step 2 – Categories

In the first row you can see the categories. If you haven’t created any categories yet, please read this article.

If you click on one of the categories, the second row will appear.
NOTE: You can close the second row by clicking on the Close button on the top right corner.
Click on a playlist or interactive to open it.

Step 3 – Playlists

In the second row you can see all content that has been published to this device.

There are two content types that are displayed:

  • Playlists
  • Interactives 


 If you don’t see any content appearing in the second row, it means you didn’t publish content to your device yet. Read this article to see how to publish content to your device.

If you click on an Interactive, it will immediately start playing.


If you click on a playlist, a third row will appear and your scenes will appear.

Click on a scene to play it.
Step 4 – Scenes

In the third row you’ll be able to see all videos or images that are inside a playlist. 
If this row remains empty, it means your playlist is empty.

Please read this article on how to add video items to your playlist.
If you click on a video or an image, the player will open and you can view the content within it.

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