How do permissions work?

Why would you manage permissions?

Permissions grant authority over certain events. Like being able to delete content, manage other users and managing the settings. It’s a good way of controlling who has the rights to edit these.

The Steps to Creating an Account

Step 1 - Log-in

Log into your Smart VR Lab account on

Step 2 - Navigate to Users

Go to the tab Users under Account.

Step 3 - Go to Settings

Click on the gear icon of an existing user or create a new user.

Step 4 - Permissions

If you turn off the permissions, they will disappear for that user.

In this example, I removed the ‘Manage Settings’ permission of the account I am currently logged into. 

As you can see, the Settings tab disappears.


If in case you remove your own permission to manage users, you can NOT set back this permission yourself anymore!!

The ‘Users’ tab will disappear which allows you to manage your users, including yourself.

Did you know?

In the chance you do remove the permission to manage users and want to set it back, please contact the admin of Smart VR Lab. Or contact any other user who can manage users and ask them to grant you this permission again!

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