How to change a files’ 2D or 3D status?

First of all, let me explain the difference between 2D and 3D files. 

The difference between 2D and 3D
  • 2D uses a Monoscopic lens, which means it’s made for 1 eye.
    The image will look more flat and is perfect to be used as, for example, a background.
  • 3D uses a Stereoscopic lens instead. This means it’s made for your left eye and your right eye (so 2 eyes).
    It will be nice to use for most videos and interactives, as it’ll allow object within to really come to life.
Stereoscopic                           VS                          Monoscopic
Stereoscopic Example


Step 1 – Log in

Log onto your Smart VR Lab account on

Step 2 – Navigate to VR Videos or Images

In case you have to change the 2D/3D format, navigate to the tab ‘VR Videos’ or ‘VR Images’.

Step 3 – Go to settings

Press the Cog icon for the file you want to change and the settings modal should  appear.

Step 4 – Change status

Click on the Checkbox to change the 3D settings. When the file has a checkmark it’ll be set to 3D. You can see its content displayed in the ‘Top over Bottom’ format.

Step 5 – Revert status

Likewise, if you click the Checkbox again then the file will be marked as 2D again.


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