How to change a files’ 2D or 3D status?

Step 1

Log into your Smart VR Lab account on


Step 2

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Our system automatically detects whether your videos are 2D or 3D and will adjust the settings accordingly. So it is best to check the video first in your VR headset to see if the video is displaying correctly.

Step 3

In case you have to change the 2D/3D format, go to the tab ‘VR Videos’ or ‘VR Images’.

Gif for Smart VR Lab explanation

Step 4

Click on the cog icon for the file you want to change. The settings modal will now appear.

Step 5

Click on the checkbox to change the 3D settings. With a checkmark it is 3D content and will be displayed in the ‘Top over Bottom’ format.

Step 6

If you click the checkbox again, the file will be marked as 2D again.


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