How to create, edit and delete users?

The Steps on Managing Users

Step 1 – Log – in

Log into your Smart VR Lab account on

Step 2 – Navigate to Users

Go to the tab Users under Account.

Step 3 – Adding a new user

Click the Add user button and fill out all the fields in the modal that pops up. To learn more about permissions, read this article.

After you hit Save, a new user is added.

Step 4 – Editing a user

Click on the Cog icon in the table for the user you want to edit.
Change the name, email, permissions or password of a user and press save.

The user is now edited.

Step 5 – Deleting a user

Click on the Thrash icon in the table for the user you want to delete. 

Click Yes when the modal appears.

The user is now deleted.

And that’s how managing users is done! Well done!

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