How to create a Playlist?

Why should you create a Playlist?

Creating a playlist on Smart VR Lab is a very good idea if you’d like to keep a clean overview of all your videos. 

In the beginning it might not seem like such an important step but if you keep creating a lot of new videos you might loose oversight of it all.
Creating a playlist allows you to store videos from the same source under the same header, this makes them easier to locate and use.

The Steps to Creating a Playlist

Step 1 - Log-in

Log into your Smart VR Lab account on

Step 2 - Navigate to Playlist

Go to the tab Playlist under the header Virtual Reality.

Step 3 - Create a playlist

Click on the button Add Playlist.

Step 4 - Name the playlist

Give your playlist a name, so you can differentiate between your playlists.

Step 5  - Assign a category

Add a category to the playlist.

If you do not have any categories yet, create a Category with the help of this article.

You can also create the playlist first and add a Category to it later. 

Step 6 - Attach videos and photos

Add Videos and Photos to your playlist. In case you haven’t uploaded any files yet here we have some articles that might help: add videos and add images.

Step 7 - Publish your playlist

You are now ready to publish your playlist to your devices, good luck! 

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