How to add a device?

Step 1

Log into your Smart VR Lab account on

Step 2

Go to the tab ‘Devices’.

Step 3

Click on the button ‘Add Device’.

Step 4

A 5 digit code will appear on the web platform. Start the Smart VR Lab app on your VR device. It will ask you for a code. Please enter this code in your VR device. 

If you enter the right code, you will enter the app. 

Add Device
Enter the code in the numpad.

Step 5

As soon as you enter the code to link the VR headset the New Device tab will show you the device data. Here you can give your device a Device Name (Headset 1 for example) and an owner (e.g. the person in charge of the device). 
Under ‘Auth Status’, you can type ‘certified’ or leave it blank.
Click Save and your device is linked to the server.
Step 6
Before you can publish content, you have to make sure the status of the device has a green checkmark in the Devices tab. 
If it does not, press the red cross. You will see a green check mark appearing.
If you entered ‘certified’ under Auth status when you registered the device, it will already be green. 
At the Device tab, you can always make all published content unavailable to each device registered by setting the Status column to a red cross.
Step 7
Your device is now active and you are ready to publish content! If you have already uploaded content, you can publish content by following these steps: How to publish content.
If you did not upload content, please upload Videos and Images first.

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