What is a Branched Narrative?

Importance of Narrative What is a branched Narrative? And what are the uses of it? There are many different sorts of Branched Narratives, or in this case a branched video. Finding the one that fits the experience you want to create is therefore quite important. Here are some of the most popular Story Narratives. Styles […]

How to Add Questions

Things to Consider Before You Start: To know how to add questions you need to first have created an account on app.smartvrlab.nl. If you haven’t, here’s an article about this. If this is you’re first time creating these videos, you should probably check out either How to make a VR Video, How to make a Video, Create an […]

How to upload Video files?

Smart VR Lab

Why Upload Video Files? If you upload Video files you’ll be able to preview them or make Interactives. With these Interactives you could easily make training videos for your employees, for example. The Process of adding Video Files Step 1 – Log in Log into your Smart VR Lab account via the website or through […]

What is Duration?

Tips and Tricks The Explanation The duration of your video is just how many minutes/seconds your video takes to reach the end.  In our app we have a “start” and an “end” parameter that can be moved to change the duration. It also enables you to quickly view a particular point within the video. How […]

Create an Interactive Video

If you want to create an Interactive Video you need to upload a Video to app.smartvrlab.nl first. If you haven’t done this before here’s an article on how to do this. What is the difference between VR Interactive and Interactive and why should you use one? Predictably the main difference between VR Interactive videos and […]

How to make a VR Interactive

If you wish to create an VR Interactive you have to first upload a VR Video to app.smartvrlab.nl. Here’s an article to see how you do this. Why should we make VR Interactive Videos? VR Interactives are incredibly handy to use if you want to create the most immersive type of training, or experience. Because […]