The top 10 industries that use VR (and how they use it)

Ten industries that use VR

Virtual Reality (VR) is not a thing of the future anymore, no, it has long arrived in the present. People tend to equate virtual reality with gaming and entertainment. However, that is far from the only possible scenario. VR can actually be used in almost any business and industry to make use of its ability […]

What is VR training? The 2022 guide to VR training

VR training guide

With in-person learning becoming impossible during the pandemic, more and more organisations turned to VR to fulfil their training needs. And even now in 2022 with in-person training options accessible again, VR training does not fade into the background – many have now fully recognized the potential of using VR for training. But – what […]

What do I need for Virtual Reality? A VR Guide for 2022

Guide to Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality can be intimidating, especially when starting out. You are just getting into this new ‘world’ and there is so much to learn. What do you have to keep in mind? Where to start? How to start? Well, we are here to give you some guidance – this is the ultimative VR guide for […]

What are the differences between VR vs AR vs XR?

VR vs AR vs XR… with all these abbreviations, it is easy to get confused. So what do they mean? If you’re looking for a quick and easy answer, here it is: while Virtual Reality (VR) creates an immersive experience where a real-world environment is completely substituted with a simulated one, Augmented Reality (AR) supplements […]

How to manage VR content in Oculus? The smart guide for 2022

As Virtual Reality technology grows rapidly, more people are joining the VR industry and purchasing VR headsets for different purposes. One of the most common use cases of VR is content consumption. VR content is consumed in many different formats, one of them being videos. Out of the box VR headsets do not come with […]

What you need to know before getting VR for your business: our tips for getting started with VR

So, you have decided to go ahead and make use of VR technology for your company. You are planning to have a virtual meeting in a virtual space surrounded by virtual tools. To do this you need a VR meeting app with a VR headset such as Oculus.  A VR meeting app is any app […]

The top 10 reasons why hand-tracking is better in VR than controllers

Virtual reality is an evolving technology. Usually, VR users control things in the virtual world using controllers. Since the hand tracking technology made its debut in the VR world, it has definitely altered the way people use their VR headsets. The hand tracking technology promises a future where there will be no more hassle with […]

What is the difference between 3DoF vs 6DoF in VR? The comprehensive guide to Degrees of Freedom


In VR, DoF is a common abbreviation that stands for “Degree of Freedom”. The number before it shows how many different axes are being tracked: 3 or 6, 3DoF vs 6DoF. When deciding which type of VR headset to buy, it is essential to consider its DoF tracking capabilities: 3DoF is enough for 360 video, […]

What is the difference between 360° Video and 3D Virtual Reality?

360 video vs 3D VR

Have you ever wondered what the differences between 360° videos and 3D VR are? Can they possibly be manipulated? And how do they differ in production? This blog breaks it all down. Virtual Reality content is Virtual Reality content. Right? Well, not quite. There are two main categories of content: 360° degree video and 3D […]

How to integrate your LMS into VR? VR training made easy.

Businesses these days are using more software systems than ever before. At an average of 129 different software systems, nearly 10% of businesses now have more than 200 apps. The best way to get the most out of these software is when they are integrated together and sync in harmony. One of the perfect examples […]

How to wirelessly Sideload Oculus Go and Quest: A quick guide.

Sideload screen with Command Line

Many B2B VR users are looking for a way to wirelessly sideload Oculus Go and Quest devices. Because it would be great if you could sideload apps with a wireless Wifi connection. Because let’s face it. Sideloading is nobody’s hobby. Nobody likes plugging in cables to 30 VR devices and changing content one by one. […]

What is a Virtual Reality Content Management System?

Smart VR Lab VR CMS

Virtual Reality Content Management System – that is a mouthful. Let’s stick with the abbreviation VR CMS. So what does a ‘VR CMS’ do? It obviously ‘manages’ VR content. However… what does that actually mean? By using a VR content management system, organizations gather, create, distribute, and organize all VR content in one central location. […]

Why and when to use Virtual Reality training?

When we started filming and selling Virtual Reality training (VR) we, like most newbies to VR, lacked a clear understanding of its advantages and disadvantages over regular video for training. Not only did we lack know-how and experience but also the state of the technique was immature at the time. Therefore, it was hard to […]