How to manage VR content in Oculus? The smart guide for 2022

As Virtual Reality technology grows rapidly, more people are joining the VR industry and purchasing VR headsets for different purposes. One of the most common use cases of VR is content consumption. VR content is consumed in many different formats, one of them being videos.

Out of the box VR headsets do not come with video file management software through wifi. This means that managing  VR content on your devices can be done by connecting the devices to a computer by USB cable. With many devices and frequent content updates, this is very time consuming. To solve this issue, VR users opt to download and use VR CMS.

What is a VR CMS?

VR CMS stands for Virtual Reality Content Management System. A VR CMS manages VR content. This means creating content, interactive and non-interactive, distributing VR content to the App Store, and/or managing VR devices with content on them.

360 video content with Oculus

Video Management in Oculus is scalable and easy when using a CMS. You can watch and stream videos as 360 degree videos or 3D VR videos. The experience differs vastly between them. Here, you can read more about the difference between 360 degree videos or 3D VR videos.

Additionally, businesses choose a specific type of video that is more immersive and engaging for their training: Interactive Videos.

Interactive Video in Oculus

Interactive videos is a form of media that enables participants to interact with the video content through the choices they make. They are more engaging as they frequently prompt the user for a feedback or selection. This can be in the form of questions, or selection of a storyline. 

There are two types of Interactive videos, and those are the linear interactive and branched narrative.

Linear interactive: In this type of interactive video, the storyline is not influenced by the decisions. It’s main purpose is to collect data from the viewers when interacting with videos. These decisions can be in the form of Q&A.

On the contrary, there are interactives that change the storyline based on the decisions made by the viewer.This means that videos are no longer linear but rather branched. This results in the so-called interactive branched narrative videos.

A branched narrative lets people follow different storylines, either to end up at the same end or at a different end all together. The branching narrative is perfect to create multiple choice questions with different video paths behind each question. This is used for training, onboarding and/or assessments by businesses across the globe.

Creating Interactive Video Content

Creating interactive video content requires software development skills and therefore creating and changing interactive video content is expensive. But, there is a way around this. 

A CMS platform, develops an easy way to manage the VR content and make training interactive in a user friendly way. It does not require any technical or coding skills to create and publish an interactive VR training. So companies do not need to hire their own development team or become dependent on freelance developers that bill every extra hour. They can simply drag and drop to create the training they need and make any subsequent adjustments themselves.


Therefore, Video Management is very important in order to have VR content organised and manipulated effectively. Video management in Oculus can be done by the use of a VR CMS. This means that content creation, consumption and distribution can all be done seamlessly across multiple VR platforms. Smart VR Lab is an all-in-one VR CMS platform that produces training content for businesses across multiple industries. To transform the way your business trains its staff, simply contact Smart VR Lab for a demo and set up a meeting with our team.

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