How to create a free Account

Smart VR Lab

The Benefit of Creating an Account By creating an account on Smart VR Lab you can easily manage, create and edit (VR) Videos and (VR) Interactives. You can also publish and let others view or test your Videos and Interactives! It’s also free, which is a bonus šŸ™‚ The Steps to Creating an Account Step […]

How to Remove My Account

Smart VR Lab

Delete Account If you wish to delete your account you can send an E-mail to with the title “Delete account” and we will delete your account within 48 hours. Please note that you send the mail with the E-mail you wish to have removed. Ā 

How to enable Developer Mode on Oculus Go and Quest?

Developer mode To enable Developer mode on an Oculus device you need to complete the following steps: Download the Oculus App on your laptop/PC and phone Log-in with your Meta account / Register if you don’t have one Enable Bluetooth and your Location on your phone Open the Oculus App Select Your Headset in the […]

How to create, edit and delete users?

Smart VR Lab

The Steps on Managing Users Step 1 – Log – in Log into your Smart VR Lab account on Step 2 – Navigate to Users Go to the tab UsersĀ under Account. Step 3 – Adding a new user Click the Add user buttonĀ and fill out all the fields in the modal that pops up. […]

How do permissions work?

Smart VR Lab

Why would you manage permissions? Permissions grant authority over certain events. Like being able to delete content, manage other users and managing the settings. It’s a good way of controlling who has the rights to edit these. The Steps to Creating an Account Step 1 – Log-in Log into your Smart VR Lab account on […]

How to change the Background Image?

Smart VR Lab

Step 1 – Log-in Log into your Smart VR Lab account on Ā  Step 2 – Navigate to Settings Go to the tab Settings, which you can find underneath the header Account. Ā  Step 3 – Choose Folder Click on the button Choose Folder. Step 4 – Upload Select the image you want and […]