Physical risks in VR? What you need to know to reduce them.

Carpal tunnel, stiff shoulders, eye-strain headaches — these are all well-known side effects of prolonged computer use. But what happens when you step away from the desktop and into virtual reality? What are the physical risks in VR? A recent study from Oregon State University assessed how some common virtual reality movements contribute to muscle […]

What VR can do: ‘Epidermal VR’ gives technology a human touch

Epidermal VR

Imagine being able to feel a hold of a hand, with a loved one that’s miles away. Or a pat on the back from a teammate in an online game. That would be great, right? Researchers of Northwestern University have developed a new thin, wireless system that adds a sense of touch to any virtual […]

What VR can do: Making empathy easier


VR eases Empathy:New research published in eNeuro shows that virtual reality activates brain networks that increases the ability to identify with other people. The technology is sought to become a tool in the treatment of violent offenders to show more empathy to others. In order to have successful relationships, it is important to understand someone’s […]

How does VR impact your stress level?

vr measures stress

Behavioural scientists have developed a virtual reality test that assesses a person’s vulnerability to stress while exploring immersive environments. The resulting model offers the field of stress research one of the first such tools that do not rely on subjective evaluations. All humans react to stress in different ways. Some of us are more susceptible […]

What is possible with Virtual Reality? Mind control & VR

What if you could control your world with a single thought? What could you possibly do? Well, wonder no more.  NextMind just released a Dev Kit for mind-controlled computing. The NextMind controller is a sensor that lets you command technology using your mind in real-time. It gives developers the possibility to build the first generation […]

Is the Oculus Quest 3 coming soon?


Here’s an update on all the Oculus Quest 3 Rumours and likely release date. A new Oculus VR Headset seems to be in development, most likely the Oculus Quest 3. This speculation comes after being confirmed by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a January earnings call for the month. Though the project details have not […]

Succesvolle investeringen in Amsterdamse Virtual Reality Startup maken VR toegankelijker als e-Learning tool.

Smartvrlab | Transix strategic partnership

Reeds €59.000,- geïnvesteerd in Smart VR Lab door angel-investors en strategische partner. Amsterdam, 21 januari 2021 De Amsterdamse onderneming Smart VR Lab heeft in haar eerste investeringsronde, uitgevoerd via, reeds een bedrag van €59.000,-opgehaald, waaronder een significante investering van de managed serviceprovider Trans-iX. Smart VR Lab ontwikkelt een Content Management Systeem voor Virtual Reality. […]