Is the Oculus Quest 3 coming soon?


Here’s an update on all the Oculus Quest 3 Rumours and likely release date. A new Oculus VR Headset seems to be in development, most likely the Oculus Quest 3. This speculation comes after being confirmed by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a January earnings call for the month.

Though the project details have not been confirmed yet, Zuckerberg told investors, “We’re continuing to work on new hardware [which] will fit the same platform, so the content that works on Quest 2 should be forward-compatible so that we’re going to build one larger install base around the virtual reality headsets that we have.”

Sounds like Oculus is working on an Oculus Quest 2 successor. Information on this topic is pretty scarce but, below we discuss on specs, release date, expectation and predictions.

Oculus Quest 3 Release Date

Do not expect the Quest 3 to be released anytime sooner than 2022. The Oculus Quest 2 was released in October 2020, only a year and a half after the original Oculus Quest. It’s likely a similar pattern will be followed by the Quest 3.


We would expect the Quest 3 to remain a standalone VR headset. In addition, we also expect custom improvements to processing power, resolution and battery life. After the Quest 2 had a whopping 50% sharper picture than the original Oculus Quest, it set an impressively high bar for the Quest 3 to attain.

We could see possible changes in the weight of the device, or changes in terms of comfort. Definitely, an improvement in the hand-tracking will also be expected.


We have seen Oculus adopt a strategy in the Oculus Rift to Rift S transition, whereby they keep the prices the same, but having introduced better specs. Knowing that Facebook’s plans for the hardware as the go-to mainstream VR platform. it’s a pretty safe bet to say that it won’t get more expensive than the current Quest 2 model.


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