How to manage VR content in Oculus? The smart guide for 2022

As Virtual Reality technology grows rapidly, more people are joining the VR industry and purchasing VR headsets for different purposes. One of the most common use cases of VR is content consumption. VR content is consumed in many different formats, one of them being videos. Out of the box VR headsets do not come with […]

ROI of VR: What is the return of investment for VR? A case study.

Most companies still think using Virtual Reality for training is too expensive. Yet, when making this assumption, a lot of things are not taken into consideration. Let’s just take a look at the most important attribute for any investment: the Return of investment, short ROI. When you actually do the maths, you realise that not […]

What are the best VR training use cases?

VR Training Use Cases

VR training has many benefits over traditional training practices, such as time efficiency, cost-efficiency, low-risk practices, creativity and much more. But how do you know where to implement VR in your business? In what departments would VR bring the most benefits to your business? With a VR headset, your business can make use of VR […]