When to use VR Training? 7 exemplary use cases.

VR Training Use Cases

VR training has many benefits over traditional training practices. The benefits include time efficiency, cost-efficiency, low-risk practices, creativity and many more. With a VR headset, your business can make use of VR Training in many different scenarios. Here’s a breakdown of 7 VR Training Use Cases:

1. Safety VR Training

VR can be used in training people in things such as occupational health and safety, or train in hazardous environments. These conditions require the utmost attention and expensive protective gear in real-life scenarios. But in VR, this may not be necessary. As trainees can be immersed in virtual worlds, the precautions taken in real life are not needed anymore.

Therefore, no protective gear and no real-world precautions mean cost-effective training programmes. Furthermore, it also prevents accidents that are prone to occur in a non-virtual world.

2. Logistics VR Training

Logistics training usually requires some physical work, proper planning and training facilities and experienced personnel allocation. VR provides safe environments since trainees will be training virtually. It also doesn’t require a full team of trainees to finish a set of training since VR can mimic a real-world scenario. Additionally, VR is less costly as the investment in VR training is significantly less compared to traditional training models.

3.​ Operations VR Training

Just like most VR training, this use case is no different. In the operations use case, trainees can work around with different technical tools or try out new things. In the real world, it’s not always safe to try out different operations, and new ways of handling operations.

4. Maintenance VR Training

Businesses usually have some regular routine checkups and maintenance. In order to have a good quality of maintenance, the employees responsible for this task need to be well trained. Hands-on training is always required but may be very time-consuming in case you want to train multiple trainees. 

In VR, trainees can be trained at the same time by being immersed in a VR headset and be fully trained right in the virtual world. Even if you have a whole team that needs to go through the same training laps, they can be trained at the same time with different headsets.

5. Manufacturing VR Training

When training in the manufacturing department, you have to allocate some raw materials that are for training purposes. In such cases, the products manufactured usually end up being deformed or not the final product at the desired quality.

Thus, resulting in production loss. VR Training provides the ability to train employees into manufacturing but without production loss. This is all possible due to the immersing of trainees in a virtual world where it is nothing but a realistic illusion. 

6. Emergencies VR Training

Whether it’s battling blazes as a firefighter or keeping people safe as a police officer. Training for these isn’t easy, it’s always difficult to set up an environment where it’s completely spontaneous and unexpected.

VR helps you set up these unexpected and random outbursts of virtual environments where trainees can be trained with the utmost efficiency as they can be well prepared to handle emergency situations.

7. Healthcare VR Training

Healthcare has one of the most sensitive training environments when done in real life. One mistake and it could cost someone’s life. Of course, trainees go through different stages before getting their hands on a real patient, but it’s an overall sensitive training.  

VR gives trainees a risk-free environment for both themselves and the patients that they would have possibly been training on. Trainees can also be immediately tested in different conditions not necessarily having to be lucky to do a procedure on a patient having a not-so-common medical condition.


Businesses of different industries can make use of VR Technology to do training on staff. For trainees to provide the best desirable outcomes, they need to be trained in an engaging platform. This helps them to be fully trained and grow a strong set of skills. VR Training provides that at low cost and high-efficiency training models.

Smart VR Lab develops and produces training content for businesses across multiple industries. To transform the way your business trains its staff, simply contact Smart VR Lab for a demo and set up a meeting with our team.

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