How to get the best VR experience: The 15 best Oculus Quest 2 accessories

VR Experience

So you own an Oculus Quest 2, and you want to ramp up and transform your VR experience. Whether you’re looking for a way to play PC VR games from Steam, making your controllers rechargeable or just a more comfortable fit.

What accessories are out there to try out? Well here’s a list of 15 Oculus Quest 2 accessories you can use to improve your Quest experience.

Best Way To Organize And Display Your Quest 2

AMVR VR Headset and Controllers Display Stand

Source: Amazon |

  • Stable & Elegant: AMVR Display Stand is specially designed for displaying and storing your Oculus Quest 2 VR headset and touch controllers. The chassis base is a U-shaped disc design that can be placed firmly on the desktop. Use a sponge pad at the bottom to prevent slip. The oculus quest 2 head-mounted display (HMD) and controllers placed on the display stand to make your desktop more neat and elegant.
  • Protect Quest 2 Headset’s Lenses: Protect and display your VR Headset in the vertical stand with the most stable stance, without touching the lens, and without worrying about scratches.
  • Wide Compatibility: Compatible with most standard-sized VR headset, including Oculus Series(Oculus Go/Rift/Rift S/Quest/Quest 2), HTC Vive/Vive Pro, Valve Index, and other most all-in-one VR Glasses. A must-have for your VR headset and controllers.
  • Easy to Use: With only four steps to assemble; Put your VR Headset and Wireless Controller in VR Stand to make your desktop neat and spectacular; Your friends will be impressed.

Best Way to Transform Your VR Experience by Avoiding Running into Walls

ProxiMat VR Space Station Theo

Source: Amazon |

  • Minimizes accidents: Improves VR game play by defining your play area and keeping you within a safe zone away from objects or walls. Works in conjunction with all guardian systems built into your headsets.

  • Keeps you centred: Physical home centring button along with formed ridges give you a true physical presence while in Virtual Reality.

  • Comfy: Constructed with industrial anti-fatigue foam that is not too thick or too thin. This comfortable foam allows for many hours of uninterrupted gameplay without tiring. Its non-porous surface allows easy cleanup.

  • Use almost anywhere: At home, school, hotels, dorm rooms, VR arcades- any use that requires standing or room-scale.

  • Use with all VR systems: Not limited to any one VR system. Provides all Virtual reality systems (withstanding & room-scale movement games) the benefit of centring, room awareness, direction, safety for longer & better gameplay.

Best Replacement Sound to Transform Your VR Experience

Logitech G333 VR Gaming Earphones

Source: Amazon |

  • Designed for Oculus Quest 2 – The official earphones for Oculus Quest 2 provide audio only you can hear, so you can take yourself further into the virtual world.

  • Custom-length cable and straps let you focus on your game. 3.5 mm aux connection provides minimal latency for optimal realism.

  • Designed specifically for the optimal gaming experience. Dedicated drivers, one for highs/mids and one for bass, provide detail-rich audio to accurately recreate the VR environment.

  • Choose between three flexible, soft silicone tips that sit gently inside your ears.
  • Sturdy aluminium housing ensures reliable durability, and a premium look.
  • Oculus Quest 2 headset and controllers sold separately

Best Battery for Extended Gameplay to Transform Your VR Experience

AMVR Powerbank Bracket

Source: Amazon |

  • AMVR patented original design: AMVR specially designed a power bank back clip bracket for Oculus Quest headset or HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap, to fix the mobile power on the VR headset strap or on the waist.

  • Compatible with various sizes of power bank: Fixing the power bank by using the back clip bracket and two magic straps. The elasticity of the magic strap can be adjusted and fixed according to the size of the mobile power supply.

  • Three ways to use: The AMVR Powerbank Fixing Bracket can be fixed not only on the Quest headset strap but also on the waistband. If you have HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap, you can also install the powerbank fixing bracket on it.

  • Transform your VR experience: The powerbank fixing back clip holder allows you to carry your mobile power supply with you. For Instance, When you are playing the VR game, you no longer have to worry about the All-in-one VR headset running out of power and terminate the game halfway.

VR Power for Oculus Quest 2

Source: Rebuff Reality |

  • Counter-balance greatly improves comfort.
  • Extra USB-C charging port for additional accessories.
  • Central power button with rotational power indication.

  • UL and CE safety certified, comes with a one year warranty.

  • 10,000-mAh battery.

This VR Power kit made for Oculus Quest 2 is significantly inexpensive compared to the official one offered by Oculus. It can easily be adapted to the standard Oculus head strap, and most third-party alternatives too. The massive 10,000-mAh battery gives you eight hours of battery life between charges. Whilst the remaining battery life is clearly indicated on the battery itself, you never wonder what its charge status is.

Best Inexpensive Battery for Extended Play

VRGE Power Bank Organizer Kit

Source: Amazon |

  • Organizes external usb battery packs for Oculus Quest.

  • Universal clip attaches with VHB tape to any USB power bank with a flat surface, allowing the power bank to store on pants hip or pocket.

  • Side clip for keeping USB cable clear of users hands and routed to the power bank while in use.
  • 5ft USB-C cable with heavy-duty braided cord, velcro organizer and right-angle connectors for clean cable routing.
  • Clip fits to back of Quest strap for organized storage with the headset. Furthermore, it can also be attached back strap as a counterweight to reduce front face pressure when playing the Quest.

Best USB-C Oculus Link Cable

Oculus Link Cable

Source: Oculus |

  • 5 metres (16 feet) long: One of the longest USB-C 3 cables available, which lets you move freely to every corner of your playing space.
  • High throughput: With low latency and minimal signal loss, you can experience your PC’s maximum rendering quality without distortion.
  • Fibre-optic core: This cable is powered by premium fibre-optic strands, which reduces weight, increases speed and enhances flexibility.
  • Dual function: Get blistering-fast data speeds while powering your device at the same time. (Requires a USB-C port providing sufficient current.)

Best Grip to Avoid Throwing Your Controller Through a Window

AMVR Touch Controller Grip Cover

Source: Amazon |

  • AMVR patented original design: for preventing the touch controllers from being thrown out while playing games and for protecting the touch controllers from impacting, scratching and soiling.

  • Premium material: the touch controller grip cover is made of premium Thermoplastic Polyurethane plastic. adjustable elastic bands are made of elastic fabric and silicone for wear, elasticity and anti-slip.

  • Ease of use: the touch controller and the anti-throw handle sleeve are firmly fixed by a velcro strap. The handle sleeve is tied with a three-position adjustable and fixed, and the tightness is adjusted according to the size of each person’s own palm.

  • Appearance humanized design: the texture of the protective shell increases friction, provides better grip, increases airflow, and wicks away perspiration.

Best USB 3 Oculus Link Cable to Transform Your VR Experience

MASiKEN Oculus Link Cable

Source: Amazon |

  • Compatible with: specially designed charging cable for Oculus Quest 2 and Quest link compatible VR speed data, tested at over 1,333 mbit/s data transfer rate with Oculus Quest USB-C to USB-C (link compatible).

  • Oculus link cable: adopt improvements to all possible effect factors (including the flexibility, length, plug angle, weight, speed of syncing and charging, compatibility etc.) in VR gaming and built in the best materials to guarantee its quality, can provide with high-performance connection, stable and high definition output.

Best Way to Clean Your Lenses and Transform Your VR Experience

Lens Cleaning Pen

Source: Amazon |

  • Designed specifically for cleaning the lenses of Oculus Quest 2, Quest, Virtual Reality Headset, PS4 VR, Microsoft HoloLens, Cameras, Drone, and other optical lenses.
  • Double-ended design, quick and convenient to use. The suede carbon powder is made of activated carbon powder without dispersing or drying, Comes with the filament brush, effectively eliminates fingerprints, smudges, dust and dirt on lens and screen.

  • Using Direction: First, remove the coarse dirt and dust particles away with the brush. Then, take off the cap and keep the carbon side vertically standing on the lens. Followed by, gently wiping around the lens from the centre in the clockwise/anti-clockwise direction. “
  • High-quality aviation aluminium material, good handle, easy to clean.

Keeping your headsets clean is a key factor of prolonging your headset lifespan. Being strict to the hygiene standard of your lenses will reduce chances of them getting scratched and having to throw them away for a new headset. Furthermore, Clean lenses also enhance your virtual reality experience.

Best Way to Stop Replacing Controller Batteries

Anker Charging Dock for Oculus Quest 2

Source: Amazon |

  • Effortless Charging: Simply place your Oculus Quest 2 headset and Touch controllers onto the dock to charge.
  • Officially Certified: Oculus Ready certified to work flawlessly with Oculus Quest 2.
  • High-Speed Charging: Fully charge your headset and controllers in just 2.5 hours.
  • Switch Less, Play More: Don’t waste time swapping out batteries. Use the included rechargeable batteries and custom covers to keep your controllers charged up.
  • What You Get: Anker Charging Dock for Oculus Quest 2, USB-C to USB-C cable, USB-C wall charger, 2 battery covers, magnetic USB-C headset connector, 2 rechargeable AA batteries, 18-month warranty, welcome guide, and friendly customer service.

Best Comfort Strap to Transform Your VR Experience

Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap

Source: Amazon

  • Premium rigid hard strap enhances stability and ergonomics while playing.
  • The flexible brace supports your head for longer, more comfortable playtime.
  • The rear fit wheel easily adjusts tightness with a quick twist.

Best Way to See What You’re Doing

Prescription Lens Adapter


  • Scratch and Impact resistant hard coating
  • Super ET(“Einfache Tarnschicht”) anti-reflection coating
  • Clean Coat (lotus effect)
  • ZEISS DuraVision BlueProtect (+ €30.00)

Wearing your eyeglasses with your Oculus Quest is very possible. But it’s not really comfortable. The VR Optician’s prescription lens adapter provides the ability to have the most liberating playing experience. It enhances vision just like normal glasses would, but it’s much more comfortable. You can also add other options like blue light filter coating to your lens.

Best Carrying Case

Oculus Quest 2 Carrying Case

Source: Amazon |

  • Premium custom carrying case for Oculus Quest 2 with durable protection.
  • Fits the Oculus Quest 2 headset, controllers, charging cable and power adapter.
  • Custom inlay and moulding keep all parts neatly organized.

  • Additional space included for the Elite Strap or Elite Strap with battery.
  • The soft, easy-carry handle offers comfortable portability whether you’re at home or travelling.

This Oculus Quest 2 carrying case comes in handy when taking your quest on the road. It’s simplicity, quality and durability are what sets it apart. The hardshell exterior protects the headset from harm. The interior’s custom moulding accommodates the headset, controllers, charging cable, power adapter and any strap with room to spare.

Best Way to Protect Your Lenses

Orzero VR Lens Cover

Source: Amazon |

  • Specially Designed for the VR Lens of Oculus Quest 2 and Oculus Quest.
  •  lycra fabric material that’s easy to use and clean.
  • Dustproof, collision-proof and scratch-proof cover.
  • The material is soft and comfortable, it will not scratch the device itself.

  • Washable, recyclable, and less waste.

Looking like the blindfolds people wear to bed, the VR lens cover is made to protect the lenses of your Quest when not in use. It’s scratch-proof, dust-proof and collision-proof, making it effectively protective when completely covering the lenses. In addition to that, it’s washable too, so it’s easy to keep up to your hygiene standards.  

Best Way to Avoid Sweating All Over Your Headset 

Topcovos VR Silicone Interfacial Cover

Source: Amazon |

  • Compatibility: Silicone Interfacial Protective Cover For Oculus Quest 2 VR Gaming Headset Anti-sweat Anti-Makeup Prevent Light-Leakage Washable
  • Enhance view: good facial silicone cover replacement enables you to enjoy a good field of view, enjoy your VR from the most comfortable and with a better field of view, use high-tech design to prevent light loss and feel great on the skin.
  • Comfortable and durable: made of high-quality silicone for a comfortable face felling and thin thickness with lightweight, you could enjoy the game without load.
  • Quick cleaning: environmentally friendly silicone, sweat proof, preventing light leakage and washable.
  • Premium Material: Made of high-grade environmentally friendly silicone, so it is safe and sanitary without irritation to the skin.


These 15 well-curated Oculus Quest 2 accessories really do transform your VR experience and worth a try. And of course, apart from the hardware, there are also many software products that can improve the overall experience of your Quest.

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