Why choose the Oculus Quest 2 Killer for VR? (or why not) A competitor’s analysis.

Qiyu 3

Oculus Quest 2 is an awesome piece of hardware. It’s got a high resolution, good tracking quality and it’s rocking one of the most powerful mobile CPUs out there for AR and VR functions.  It’s cheap relatively to almost any other headset. There’s a reason why the quest 2 has flown off shelves. But it is about to be heavily tested by its competition.

iQIYI is a Chinese media company designing XR devices, it has quite a few successful products in Asia right now. According to the company, launching the Qiyu 3 is pretty much an attack directly on the Quest 2. The Qiyu 3 will have the Snapdragon XR2, just like the Quest 2.

But, just because they have the same processor, it doesn’t mean they make the same power. John Carmack, the CTO of Oculus has already talked about how the Quest 2 is massively undervolted and underclocked because of cooling reasons. Well, one of the biggest selling points of the Qiyu3 is an upgraded cooling system for the headset. This means you can squeeze a bit more power because of better cooling. 

In addition, the Qiyu 3 will have a dual display which allows for better IPD adjustment and clarity. The displays achieve the resolution of 2160 by 2160, this provides the headset with 43% more pixels than a Quest 2. The Qiyu 3 also supposedly matches or exceeds the tracking method currently being used. It has achieved millimetre-level positioning accuracy, millisecond-level initialization speed, and millisecond-level delay.

In conclusion, Oculus Quest 2 has stiff competition coming its way, and it will be very interesting to see how this will affect the VR Industry. With new headsets being able to squeeze more power, better displays and probably more affordable than the Oculus Quest 2. iQIYI has targeted Oculus Quest 2 and it’s definitely not the only company we will see coming to the competition quite strongly!

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