How to invest in Virtual Reality?

Ever thought of investing in an industry that had high growth potential in the very near future? Virtual Reality (VR) is your obvious choice. In recent years, the VR industry has been constantly growing at a global capacity and increasingly becoming one of the breakthrough technologies.

Why invest in VR?

Virtual Reality is without a doubt an industry that is experiencing a high compounding growth. The overall VR market is growing at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 33.47% and is expected to reach a whopping $44.7 Billion (USD) in 2024.

Potential in the VR Market

The VR market has a high potential due to the fact that it is a developing market, filled with so much room for innovation. More and more industries are now moving to the VR market. Industries like gaming, movies, music, sports, healthcare, education and many more. Another VR market with proven high stakes and great growth potential is the E-Learning VR market.

E-learning VR market

Currently, the VR E-learning virtual reality market is worth around 122 million USD. By 2027, the market is projected to reach 1.5 billion USD due to an expected CAGR of around 42.9%. This will mean over a 12 fold increase!

Global E-learning VR market in USD

Why E-Learning VR?

E-learning VR comes in when an individual is immersed in a virtual training environment. This is a very ideal solution for many training challenges in several industries. As things are now moving online and become cloud-based, training becomes widely accessible in an efficient manner and at a larger scale.

The e-learning VR module gives both the trainer & trainee comfortable training environments where they can even try out new things they wouldn’t in real life either due to too costly or dangerous environments. Also, in VR trainees can experience staged events that occur very infrequently in real life.

Speaking of Danger, the VR experience is built with precautions in mind and provides utmost safety in the learning environment. This allows for training exploration and eliminates learning accidents completely. This gives the trainee confidence to even outperform themselves and reach their potential in training resulting in better and efficient training.

By having the trainee submerged in a virtual training lab, it increases the overall focus of the training by blocking out various distractions experienced in traditional training such as phones, noises, and many more.

How to invest in VR with Smart VR Lab

Smart VR Lab is an active company in the E-learning VR market and more. It has developed a scalable SaaS VR CMS platform that is already operational for training and e-learning purposes at various customers. Currently, Smart VR Lab has an open investment round until the 6th of February 2021. You can easily become a Smart VR Lab investor through Leapfunder.

Leapfunder is an online investment platform aiming to help startups find early-stage financing and help angel investors to safely invest in startups. To start investing in Smart VR Lab for this widely anticipated opportunity just visit: 

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