5 Ways VR Can Boost Workplace Productivity

When businesses make a decision on whether to invest in Virtual Reality or not, ROI is always the priority. Whether it’s a direct ROI or indirect. One of the indirect ways to increase the ROI is by boosting workplace productivity. In this blog, we are gonna see how VR can boost workplace productivity.

Techy Training

Businesses need to train multiple employees at a time. This sometimes is an issue when the business cannot house many trainees at once. Thus, VR technology coming in handy. Virtual Reality allows transferring knowledge and skills without the need for physical presence at a certain place.

For example, Walmart implemented a VR traineeship in 2017 and currently teaches 140,000 of its personnel using VR training annually. The complexity of VR learning lies in the cost of this technology. It may be pricey for many businesses, but in the long run, the advantages of VR training outweigh the expenses it imposes.

Smart Recruitment

When recruiting from a large number of candidates in a short time, it is physically impossible to meet and test a hundred individuals. A VR interview costs less and consumes less time.  

VR can also track biometric data. The combination of pulse, eye tracking and face tracking open up cognitive and behavioural insights. The data collected act as an aid to providing an effective and precise assessment of candidates’ skills. 

Remote Collaboration

VR enables large-scale companies to engage in more appealing and engaging meetings. Traditional video conferencing and real-life meetings are not as convenient as VR collaboration. VR interaction gives more space to watch the body language. One of the great examples of this is the VR app called Spatial.

Spatial lets you create your 3D-realistic avatar from a single selfie. Your avatar comes to life as you talk, move, and interact. This lets you sit next to each other from across the world.

3D Brainstorming & Mind Mapping

Real-time 3D brainstorming & mapping virtually with colleagues can also be achieved by virtual reality apps like Noda.

Noda is your space in Virtual Reality to build and share 3D mental models – mind maps, storyboards, network or flow diagrams, project plans – to enhance your productivity, understanding and awareness.

Corporate Wellbeing

The digital world brings about plenty of opportunities but also brings about some disruption in human society. Things like loneliness, lack of communication and constant pressure from social media trigger various mental disorders, such as anxiety.VR can treat a patient by immersing them into a calm, peaceful 3D environment.

The same way VR is used for patients, it can be used for employees to reduce stress, anxiety and even boost their productivity by improving the mental state.

By practising corporate wellbeing, burnout of employees can be prevented. There are several apps for corporate wellbeing, one of them is Liminal VR.

Liminal VR delivers emotionally moving augmented, mixed and virtual reality experiences in areas as diverse as training and simulation, sales and marketing, brand activations, education, research and development, corporate wellness and clinical applications.


Most companies still think using Virtual Reality for training is very expensive. But that’s because there are a lot of things that are not taken into consideration. One of the most important attributes is its effect on workplace productivity.

Smart VR Lab develops and produces training content for businesses across multiple industries. To transform your business, simply contact Smart VR Lab for a demo and set up a meeting with our team. If you have questions on anything related to VR, you can always send us a mail to

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