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Take a VR deep dive:
VR Webinars and Workshops

Gain insights about the power of Virtual Reality technology, its limitations as well as opportunities and what VR content is available off-shelf. No matter your prior knowledge: we will meet you exactly where you are.

With our VR Webinars, we’ll help you take your VR strategy to the next level. 
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What industries we work in

Virtual Reality Webinars and workshops

No matter your industry: you can profit from VR Webinars and workshops to learn about VR. The top three industries so far are:


Curious but unsure how to combine VR and healthcare?
Hit us up up and let us help you out. We can draw from our experience in the field and offer you a comprehensive overview.


Education time, come on!

VR training is getting increasingly popular. You want to join the party? Great idea! A VR webinar is the perfect way to get started.


You are a forward thinker that wants to bring the future of marketing to the present? VR is the way to do it. We can show you how exactly in our webinars and workshops.

a Case study

VR Webinar Healthcare

Virtual Reality in healthcare – a complex, yet fascinating topic that has gained increasingly more traction in the last few years.

We organised a free webinar, where organisations and freelancers could get together to learn about it, so everyone could be on the same virtual page.

Everything from the VR implementation to practical use cases: we managed to create a space where VR experts and healthcare professionals could come together, learn from each other and combine their visions.

Of course, nothing is more essential than the fundamentals, so we also provided a comprehensive overview over:

Our happy customers

What customers say

We deliver quality. But don’t take our word for it. 

Lena van der Veen

Visual Artist

“Basically anthing but basic! The webinar covered the fundamentals, but was also so much fun. I learned a lot. They did great.”

Janus Bakker

Healthcare Professional

“Smart VR Lab helped us get started with VR: With their support we produce and manage our own Virtual Reality content. The webinar covered all basics beforehand, it was a great introduction.”

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Our Services

We can help you with these other services too and sometimes a combination proves essential. 

360 Video

Healthcare has many use cases for 360 video and Virtual Reality. Both for patients and workers there are many benefits compared to other media forms.


Healthcare has many use cases for 360 video and Virtual Reality. Both for patients and workers there are many benefits compared to other media forms.

3D Web Apps

Enrich your educational content with Virtual Reality from 3rd parties and create your own 360 Video content with your students                                                  

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