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What is possible with Virtual Reality? Mind control & VR

What if you could control your world with a single thought? What could you possibly do? Well, wonder no more. 

NextMind just released a Dev Kit for mind-controlled computing. The NextMind controller is a sensor that lets you command technology using your mind in real-time. It gives developers the possibility to build the first generation of mind-controlled experiences.

How it works

The compact sensor translates neural signals into real-world actions. Eyes project an image to the visual vortex, then the Nextmind device can decode which object you select and send back the information to a computer in real-time, allowing you to control digital devices such as VR Headsets with your brain. See how it works

Source: NextMind

What it means for VR

This is a revolutionary step for the VR industry. Developers having access to this dev-kit will allow them to write software that will take advantage of the brain-computer interface (BCI).

Source: NextMind

The Neuro VR industry is a developing industry. One of the use cases is a video game which allows players to pick up and throw objects with their minds.

Neurorehabilitation is another promising area where Neural VR can be applied. A study was done by Duke University that used VR and brain-computer interfaces to treat physically-impaired patients. The 12-month study with 8 patients showed that VR can help aid in restoring ability with patients who suffer from a chronic spinal cord injury. They used a brain-machine interface and a VR headset to simulate neurological functions that allowed them to move their lower limbs. Scientists hope to make use of VR games to assist patients with illnesses ranging from Alzheimer’s to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Source: medium


Businesses of different industries can make use of this new mind-controlled VR Technology. Imagine having to perform day to day business-related tasks with just your thoughts. It will save you time and provide flexible  

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